Javier Macarro.

08-01-2015Alejandro Sepulveda Soler

Palma.—Javier Macarro, who has been accused of squatting on the British-owned La Paz  two million euro dressage and equestrian centre in s’Aranjassa, was defiant yesterday that neither he nor any of the other people now living on the property will be moved.
The gypsies moved into the property in August while the owner, Marian Porter, was in the UK consoling herself and her family after the death of her husband Michael.
She has hired a team of local lawyers and denounced the squatters in the courts in Palma, but she is frustrated that nothing is being done by the judiciary.
On the day the gypsies were caught red handed breaking in by ranch workers and the Local Police, they were close to leaving until Javier Macarro arrived with a rental agreement which he said had been signed with a representative for the owners in a bar in Pere Garau and gave them rights to move into the property.
The Local Police were therefore obliged to hand the matter over to the judiciary and that is where the matter remains with Marian desperate to get her house back. But, yesterday Macarro said: “the English woman can shout and scream as much as she wants, but we’re not leaving. Ihave a legal document and I will comply with it until the end. The only problem in this story is that I have allowed a gypsy family to move in and the owner is a racist,” he added.


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