There were some interesting points made by Ryanair this week about  Palma airport. which is one of the local airport´s biggest customers. Firstly, officials from the Irish airline pointed out why all the lights were burning within the terminal building when the airport was effectively closed for the winter and was empty. They also went on to say that staffing levels were probably close to their summer heights ranging from air traffic controllers to people manning the airports desks even though there were few passengers and even fewer flights. Now, all these points can be dismissed as being relatively minor but also you could say that it rather sums up the airport at the moment. It is still fully operational even though it is working at half or even less capacity. As you will have read Ryanair is calling on the airport authorities to cut landing fees and therefore attract more winter flights. Iwould suggest that part of the lights within some of  the terminals are turned off and the savings which are made on the electricity bill are channeled back into reducing landing fees. Simple! You see I rather like Ryanair´s no nonsense approach. It might not be everyone´s cup of tea but they certainly put out certain issues which others do not. I sincerely hope that the Palma airport authorities look carefully  at the issue of winter landing rates. It is certainly the way forward. Perhaps, also it is time, to start looking at some money saving schemes at the airport.


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