Calvia Council is  back under the spotlight in the UK after  it has drawn up a new white paper on how it intends to stamp out anti-social behaviour.As news of the new measures began to break in the UK media, the British Association of Travel Agents contacted the Bulletin to confirm that what was being reported was correct because ABTA wanted to inform its members of the new measures set to be introduced.
While Calvia Council does not have the power to ban pub crawls, that lies with the Balearic or central governments, it has managed to draw up a series of extremely tough measures which, if approved, will definitely change the way visitors and businesses behave in Magalluf.
The measures include, the banning of  drinking  alcohol in public between the hours of 10pm and 8am, and those businesses with a permit to organise pub crawls, can only have one on the go at any one time.
And, the permitted pub crawls can only take place between 8pm and midnight.
What is more, no more than 20 people are allowed  on a pub crawl at any one time and they have to be accompanied by an official guide and security guard who are registered with the council. Any publicity inciting alcohol abuse or sex for alcohol games will be prohibited and any one wishing to hold a pub crawl, will have to apply to the council for permission at least seven days in advance.