DAVID Cameron has  plenty on his plate at the moment from  fighting an election campaign to important decisions on the world stage. So I find it rather odd that the Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland should get involved in the Jeremy Clarkson “incident,” the Top Gear presenter who has been suspended by the BBC. Surely, this is a matter for the BBC and the Prime Minister shouldn´t get involved. Now Iknow that Clarkson is a close friend of the Prime Minister but it is an internal matter involving the BBC. It is certainly not a matter of state. Also, it appears that the Prime Minister is backing Clarkson eventhough the evidence points to the fact that the Top Gear presenter actually hit a BBCproducer in the face.  And I don´t think that Clarkson needs any help from the Prime Minister, he can fight his own battles. The BBC obviously faces a difficult decision. If they sack Clarkson they risk Top Gear (or a similar type of programme) going to a rival channel, possibly Sky. But if they turn a blind eye to the incident then Clarkson will have won. There is no easy outcome. But Clarkson has been in the headlines for all the wrong reasons of late. Has he become a liability? No, he is still a hugely popular television presenter but the BBChas standards to maintain, afterall it is a public broadcaster. My advice to the BBCis to investigate the incident closely and then make a decision. Everyone else, the Prime Minister included, should stay clear.