I was rather intrigued to see the Greek government saying that Spain would follow Greece out of the euro-zone.  Initially I thought that it was part of the war of words which had broken out between the new Greek government and the Spanish government. Spain is obviously concerned that the Greeks are going to get a better deal and after years of austerity you can´t really blame the Spanish government. No-one in Spain, apart from fringe meetings of the new protest party Podemos, is talking about leaving the euro-zone. In fact, I would say that Spain is rather happy with the euro and Ican´t see a return of the peseta. Spain has struggled through the recession and did not need a European Union bailout unlike Greece. Now, obviously Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy is quite proud of this state of  affairs and in some ways he should be. Spain managed to do what Greece couldn´t, survive on its own two feet without having to go crying to the European Central bank for a bailout. I think there is a small chance that Greece may leave the euro-zone and the European Union. Ithink most European politicians are resigned to this state of affairs, but Spain? Never. Spain is a pro-European country. They have done very well out of the European Union and are happy to form part of the so-called European dream. Now, the Greeks are obviously trying to turn things around for their own political reasons. But Spain will stay in the euro zone, I am convinced.