Winter officially comes to an end tomorrow evening, although we are in for a wet start to spring in the Balearics thisweekend.Tomorrow night at 11.45p.m., spring will begin and it will last 92 days and 18 hours until 21 June and on 29 March, the clocks will go forward an hour.
And, five days later, there will be an eclipse of the moon which, just like tomorrow’s eclipse of the sun, will be visible fromSpain.
The National Meteorological  Agency  forecast  yesterday that this year, spring is  going to be slightly warmer and drier than usual, after a rather unstable start, especially here in  the Balearics  where heavy rain and even isolated storms are forecast and there may even be one final dusting  of snow on the peaks of the Serra de Tramuntana.
But, once we have got over the weekend, the days are going to start getting longer and the average maximum temperatures over Easter are forecast to be 18ºC and 19ºC with  minimums of  between 7ºC and 11ºC.
And, according to the Met. office, the probability of rain over Easter is 20 to 40 percent.