If you follow the so-called wisdom of the United Kingdom Independence Party immigrants have become a real problem in Britain and are threatening the very nature of the country.  They don´t speak the language and do not integrate into the local community. Sounds familiar? Yes ofcourse there are thousands of expatriates of all nationalities living in Majorca who do not speak Spanish and do not really get involved in local life. But, is it a problem in Majorca? Ofcourse not. Majorca welcomes people of all nationalities with open arms and if they do not speak the language or even integrate, well it is not really a problem. My parents lived on Majorca for 35 years, couldn´t speak a word of Spanish but still had many Spanish friends. I think that is one of the reasons why the island has been so successful in the tourist industry. Now, when is an expat an immigrant or an immigrant is an expat? I do not really think it is an issue. Some of us have come to Majorca to work, others to retire in the sunshine. We are  all expats and we are all immigrants on Majorca and life is good. What concerns me about  parties like UKIP is that they cause problems, where problems don´t exist. Britain´s recent economic revival would never have taken place if it wasn´t for immigrant workers and Majorca would probably not have the quality of life it enjoys if it wasn´t for the visiting tourists and foreign expats. So there is no problem, perhaps only for UKIP and their supporters.