The Sunday Times has been very generous to Palma and Ithank them for their great accolade calling Palma the best place in the world to live.  And they are probably right. I say probably because like every other city on the planet Palma has its faults which could be easily rectified. Now obviously my biggest complaint about the city where Ilive and work is that more could be done to promote it as a weekend getaway destination during the winter months. It may be the finest place to live in the world but you can count visiting tourists on a single hand during the winter months. The additional revenue they can provide would certainly help the city. More tourists equal more revenue for local businesses and more money for the city council which could then spend the winter  tourism windfall on giving some of the more unfashionable parts of the city a facelift. But overall successive city councils have done a great job. Palma is now a city which is both modern but still has a foot in the past with its long history which is clearly evident. And thank you Sunday Times because this is exactly the sort of publicity which Palma and Majorca need as the summer season gets underway. Palma is a tourist city and many businesses actually reflect that with their international menus and products geared towards a foreign visitor. But overall we should be proud of our capital city like the Sunday Times says, it is simply the best and it is no longer a secret!