The Cameron's in Puerto Pollensa. | J. AGUIRRE


Former Conservative MP, London mayoral candidate and Majorca home owners, Steve Norris, told the Centre for London think tank on Monday night that David Cameron has failed to have shaken off the party’s image as a party of the one per cent and now faces being ousted from DowningStreet.’
Norris said that the Tories were suffering on the polls because of perception they are a party of the rich and ridiculed Cameron’s attempts to be a ‘normal guy’.
“There he was taking poor Samantha on a three star holiday on Ryanair to Majorca.
“If I’d been Samantha, I’d have divorced him. Imean, sod the sunshine,”  Norris, who owns a luxury property in the Anchorage,  said referring to Cameron’s family holiday to Pollensa in the summer of 2012.