Majorcan resdents’ hopes of having their first and second five star hotels in Playa de Palma for the first time in over 25 years, suffered another set back yesterday, after the ongoing Integral Refurb Plan for the area was once again rejected by the Balearic government’s Heritage Commission. .
A large investment is expected in Playa de Palma in the next few years, including the construction of a further three hotel establishments, but all plans are on hold again after more technical faults were found in the Playa de Palma Consortium’s project.
This is not the first time the project has come to halt.
Earlier this year the commission raised questions about some of the details of the project, details those corrected and presented to approval by the Consortium. But just when everyone thought the project was finally going to be given the green light, the Commission has found more details that need to be amended before approval.
Both the manager of the Consortium Alvaro Gijon and the Balearic Tourism Councillor Jaime Martinez, said yesterday that despite the setback, they hope to see the project be approved by April the latest.