The number of Britons buying abroad could tumble as the UK flirts with the prospect of an EU exit.
The majority of Britons think overseas property is an unsecure investment, with one in three claiming an EU exit would put them off buying in the Eurozone, according to a YouGov survey.
Despite the euro’s record slide against the pound, finance expert Jordan Tilley says Britons are not getting “caught up in a European buying frenzy”.
“The findings suggest the British are still cautious about committing to property in the Eurozone, and need a better understanding of the market before they can take the leap,”  Tilley said.
“A year ago, a property worth €180,000 would have set you back £150,000 – this month, a weak euro means that figure would be more like £128,000.
“Still, with Greece’s debt talks rumbling on and the possibility of a Brexit referendum following May’s general election, many buyers are wise enough to know that the dream of a European place in the sun is best undertaken with a full knowledge of the risks.”