Provisional measure to help British passport holders abroad has been brought to an end as turnaround times have improved.British citizens living abroad will need to apply to renew their passports in the standard way, as one of the contingency measures brought in to cope with the exceptional demand last year comes to an end.
The Home Secretary announced the introduction of the 12 month extension stamp for overseas customers in June last year.
More than 20,000 customers benefited from the contingency measure, which was brought in to prevent the disruption of travel plans.
With passport demand returning to expected levels, the Home Secretary has reviewed the provision and from 10 April all British passport holders overseas should follow the guidance for their country of residence on GOV.UK.
Her Majesty’s Passport Office (HMPO) will be contacting all of those who hold a passport with an extension stamp, at least two months before the expiry of their stamp, to encourage them to renew their passports.  Immigration and Security Minister James Brokenshire said: “Following the significant demand for passports last year, the Home Secretary introduced 12-month extension stamps so that those British passport holders abroad whose passports were about to expire could travel.
“This was a temporary measure to ensure that international customers were still able to travel during what was an exceptional period of demand.