The Majorcan-born composer Joan Valent, who has previousky been nominated for Goya awards for his film scores, is to write the soundtrack for the The Last Face, the new movie directed by Sean Penn.
This production, which stars Charlize Theron and Javier Bardem, was shot in South Africa, and it concerns a doctor (Theron) who undertakes humanitarian work against a background of political conflicts.
Bardem plays another doctor and the two are forced to confront a series of moral dilemmas and decisions.
Valent, who currently lives mostly in Mexico, is to travel to Los Angeles next week in order to start work with Penn on the soundtrack.
 In addition to this project, Valent will, in the next few weeks, go to Santa Domingo in the Dominican Republic to meet the Majorcan director, Agusti Villaronga, and actors who are featuring in El rey de La Habana, a film currently being shot that is based on a novel by the Cuban writer Pedro Juan Gutierrez.