By Jason Moore

I am counting the days until the general election in Britain for two reasons;one I obviously want to know the result and secondly it will mark the end of one of the dullest election campaigns I have ever seen. Thankfully, the Scottish Nationalist leader Nicola Sturgeon has brought some energy to the campaign but Prime Minister David Cameron and Labour leader, Ed Miliband, are just repeating the same message up and down the country. There is no colour, there is little passion and ofcourse there is no real political debate.  No wonder that the great British public say that they have little interest in politics. Not even Nigel Farage, the leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party, is bringing any passion to the dull election process. Everything is so staged, the political leaders behave like robots. At least Sturgeon is like a breath of fresh air, whether you support her or not. She is a politician of the old school, who is sadly missing in modern day politics. I am not suprised that English voters want to vote for her as well.   I think that Labour leader Ed Miliband is probably doing slightly better than David Cameron. I suspect that the Tories thought that by now Miliband would have made a mess of things but so far he hasn´t put a foot wrong.  But that doesn´t make him interesting though. British politics needs to change, more TV debates, more voter involvement and above all some passion. Just look at Nicola Sturgeon.


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