The Socialists celebrate their victory in Calvia.


Calvia looks set to be ruled by a left-wing coalition with the support of the more centre-right party,  Cuidadanos. Talks are underway to form the new council which is expected to be led by Socialist leader, Alfonso Rodriguez. The only party which will not be represented on the ruling council will be the Partido Popular, which had ruled Calvia for the last 12 years. The Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE) did not need the support of Cuidadanos to form a ruling council but the man who is set to be Mayor of one of the richest areas of the island said that he wanted the council to be as representative as possible.

The Spanish Socialist Party polled 5,700 votes in last month´s local election with the Partido Popular a close second with 5,500 votes. But the socialist have one more councillor (10) than their centre right counterparts who have nine. The new council is expected to be sworn in on Saturday,  13 June. It is unclear whether Podemos (one of the left wing parties) or Cuidadanos will be given any official role on the new council. Podemos has said that they will not form part of any coalition government which is led by the Spanish Socialist Party but this does not affect local councils, only regional governments. The socialist´s victory in Calvia was one of their few bright spots on an otherwise rather poor night for them in the local elections last months. Calvia was obviously one of their key target areas and Rodriguez´s victory will have cheered Balearic socialist leader Francina Amengol.


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