Alcudia’s new government team will be made up of councillors from the El Pi regionalist party and the PSOE socialists, the agreement between the two parties having been signed up to at a public meeting. Antoni Mir of El Pi will become the new mayor, his party having secured the most seats at the council - six - at the recent election. PSOE, whose Pere Malondra will be first deputy mayor, won four seats. One surprise of the new administration is that Tomas Adrover of Gent per Alcudia will be the councillor for the environment, though his party will not form part of the actual government team. Adrover has been invited to take up this responsibility because he was an independent and because his views on the environment match those of El Pi and PSOE.
There is to be a new role in the administration, which is that of a councillor for institutional relations. PSOE’s Joan Gaspar Valori will have responsibility for liaising with various bodies such as the regional government, Council of Majorca and the ports authority in considering issues that have been and might be contentious in the future, such as the import of waste and the high-voltage cabling. Valori will also be responsible for tourism, while Malondra will have specific responsibilities for culture, language, town hall administration and citizen participation. Domingo Bonnin of El Pi will be in charge of services and maintenance.
The official selection of Mir as mayor will take place on Saturday.


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