Council spokesperson, Neus Truyol.

16-06-2015miquel a. ca

At the first meeting of  Palma City Council’s new ruling group, the PSOE-Més-Som Palma administration  yesterday terminated positions of senior officers that had been made by the now former Partido Popular administration, discussed how to increase summer-school classes and firmed up an arrangement for there to be a meeting today with the group (PAH) representing people who have experienced problems because of their mortgages.
The council’s spokesperson, Neus Truyol, said that the new senior officers for technical and general divisions at the council as well as those who will occupy “positions of trust” will be chosen through consensus between the three parties and will be individuals with highly professional profiles.
Truyol, who is councillor with responsibility for ecology, agriculture and animal welfare as well as the president of the EMAYA services agency, explained that it was not as yet known how the summer-school courses might be increased as it wasn’t yet clear what situation the classes and lunch arrangements had been left in by the previous administration.
At the meeting with the PAH, the creation of an anti-evictions office will be discussed.  This will be opened within the first hundred days of the new administration and will replace the current office which had not, said Truyol, been mediating with banks.


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