Apartum, the holiday rental price comparison website, has worked out that the price of renting an apartment this summer will, with the exception of the Basque Country, be at its highest in the Balearics: the average price is 55 euros per person per night. In the Basque Country it is 60 euros, while the Balearics is ahead of Catalonia, which comes in as the third most expensive region at an average of 49 euros. Over in the Canaries the price is a fair bit lower - 41 euros - while in other key holiday regions the price is lower still: Madrid (37 euros); Andalusia (36); Valencia (31). The cheapest region to rent an apartment is in Castile-La Mancha, where it is a mere 24 euros on average.
When it comes to cities and other popular destinations, the most expensive for rental in Spain are San Sebastian with a cost of 68 euros, followed by Sitges (59) and Barcelona, where the average is 57. At the other end of the scale, and including some prominent holiday resorts, are Benidorm (26 euros) and Salou (34 euros). Other comparatively inexpensive places are Malaga (38 euros), Madrid, perhaps surprisingly, at 37 euros and Granada (28). Cordoba, at 24 euros, is the cheapest.    Away from Spain, the most expensive cities are London (89 euros), Amsterdam (79) and Paris (60). Some cities are, by comparison, pretty cheap: Berlin, an average of 36 euros, and Bucharest, Belgrade and Vilnius, each with an average price of 17 euros per person per night.