PSOE’s José Hila will only be the Mayor of Palma for two years.

12-06-2015JOAN TORRES

The jigsaw puzzle that is the “organigram” for the next government of the Balearics - which responsibilities go to which ministries - is causing Podemos some disquiet. Much of this was announced on Thursday by the two parties which will actually form the government - PSOE and Més - and more discussions are being held this weekend, but Podemos are not happy that a department for innovation will be wrapped up with tourism and nor are they pleased that the IB3 broadcaster will come under the new ministry for transparency, participation and culture.
One point of agreement is that the Balearic Institute for Women will be the responsibility of the department of the presidency. It is understood that this will be a department of co-ordination and so the institute’s location within it is justified.
Podemos are spending the weekend reviewing the government’s new organisation and will be offering suggestions regarding lower levels of government. For the moment they are not proposing any names, though there are some within Podemos ranks who are favourable towards the party having greater participation. Representatives from PSOE and Més have met to flesh out the organisation structure and they have proposed names for these junior levels.
Areas of government in which Podemos will participate are in the structures of the Councils of Majorca and Minorca. Podemos have announced their agreement to Maite Salord of Més per Menorca being the president of that island’s council, one from which PSOE will be excluded. The regional government, therefore, is the only institution in which Podemos will not be directly participating at the top level. Nevertheless, there is some support for Podemos being in government. Consultation with the membershihas revealed that 44% would like Podemos to be part of the government executive even though the president is from PSOE.
In Palma, meanwhile, Som Palma (in effect Podemos) is debating whether to stay in the council’s government. A vote is to be taken and the result should be known tomorrow.
The council in Palma now has a mayor from PSOE, José Hila, though he will be mayor for only two years as Antoni Noguera from Més will replace him for the final two years of the administration.


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