The Balearics continues to be the region of Spain with the most expensive petrol and diesel in Spain, the consequence of the cost of transport and of the tax of 4.8 cents per litre that was applied by the Bauzá government in 2012.
The Organisation of Consumers and Users has denounced the fact that fuel prices are at record highs at a time of the year when demand is at its highest.
It says that savings of almost 14% can be had depending on type of fuel and region of the country.
Average prices for petrol have risen to 1.315 euros per litre and 1.202 euros for diesel, partly because of an increase in the price of oil but principally because of higher margins which make Spain second, in European terms, when it comes to the price of petrol and the fifth most expensive country for diesel.
 In the Balearics, the average prices are, respectively, 1.402 and 1.271 euros.
In a study of petrol station prices along the busiest routes, the organisation has found price variations of up to 15%, while it identifies Aragon, Navarre and La Rioja as being the cheapest regions and the Balearics and Galicia the most expensive (the Canaries were not included in the survey).