Dear Sir,
 Poor old Matthew Demetri. He hasn’t quite got the hang of reading. Maybe he should get some averagely intelligent individual to read my letter of 10 July  to him.  Had he have done so it might have prevented him from wasting people’s time with his blockheaded unreason.
Every point I made in my letter of 10 July is on the public record: the correct name for the ‘West Bank’ is ‘ Judea and Samara’.  The deaths in Gaza came about as a result of Hamas raining down 4000 rockets on to the Jewish state. Try to understand Mr Demetri: the first duty of any democratic state is the protection of its citizens.
The death and destruction in 1948 which lives on in the strange blinkered world of Mr Demetri, came about as a result of a massive and co-ordinated military attack on Israel by all of her neighbouring states launched the very next day after it was created. You must try to read more Mr Demetri – or at least be read to. Article 80 of the formative UN documents preclude it from altering any international agreements previously ratified by The League of Nations.
The history of the UN has seen Saudi Arabia presiding over the board protecting womens’ rights –need I say more.
I have other bad news for you Mr Demetri: Father Christmas doesn’t really exist and the moon is not really made of green cheese.     
David Lee