Dear Sir,
I would like to congratulate Mr Demetri on a fine letter ( MDB 21 July) the other day. He spoke with clarity and reason. Mr Lee’s nasty response, on the other hand, (MDB 22 July) was anything but. Predictably Mr Lee resorts to personal insults and name calling for anyone who has the audacity to disagree with his view.
His mocking, patronizing and condescending tone speaks volumes for the man. I can not take him or his arguments seriously any more.  He refuses to see logic or home truths, denies the obvious and cherry picks from facts and history to prop up his lame and arrogant efforts to justify the unjustifiable. Anyone who bears witness to the horrible treatment of the Palestinians is immediately labelled an anti semite and ridiculed. He attempts to equate the Palestinian struggle with the vicious extremists of ISIS and Boko Haram in the same way George W Bush hoodwinked the world into believing there was a connection between the 9 /11 atrocity and Iraq, and thus dragged us all into a needless war.  It is a scaremongering tactic to deflect the true nature of what Israel is doing, i.e. a land grab. Hopefully Mr Demetri, the Palestinians will have a just and rightful outcome in one day reclaiming their homeland, despite the scare mongering tactics of the likes of Mr Lee.  
Steve Humphries