The number of registered unemployed in the Balearics dropped in July by almost 12.5%, i.e. 7,716 people, compared with July 2014. The total unemployed figure for the islands has, therefore, come down to 54,407. This percentage reduction is the second highest across the Spanish regions - La Rioja registered a 12.8% drop - while, from June to July, there was a fall in unemployment in the Balearics of 1,101.

The current unemployed register is relatively even between men and women: there are one thousand more women out of work than the 26,700 men. Of younger people, almost 4,800 under-25s are unemployed. By contrast, of those over the age of 44 there are 780.

The islands' service sector has the highest number of unemployed - 37,395 - with construction some way behind with 9.603. Of foreigners out of work, there are close to 9,900 registered unemployed, and this number fell by over 1,500 compared with July last year. As far as employment contracts were concerned, in July almost 50,000 were issued, and overwhelmingly these were temporary (over 46,000), which represented an increase of more than 6,000 compared with 2014.