King Felipe VI talking tactics ahead of today’s race with his regatta’s crew on board Aifos. | Ballesteros


Following in the footsteps of his father, grandfather, mother and uncle, King Felipe VI took to the waters in the Bay of Palma today to compete in the Copa del Rey as skipper on board the Spanish Navy’s entry Aifos. The King has traditionally taken part in the regatta every year, although more recently, his busy agenda has left him with less time to compete.

However, today, he was able to enjoy a day out on the waves racing in both of the day’s two stages. Also out at sea was his sister Elena on board the launch Somni watching the racing with her children. The King was a member of the Spanish Olympic sailing team at the Barcelona Games in 1992. 

Both his mother and uncle were on the Greek sailing team at the 1960 Summer Olympics in Rome (his mother being selected as a substitute), and Felipe’s father and sister were also Olympic sailors for Spain. His father also won the Copa del Rey on a number of occasions.