Elisabeth and her daughters cleaning up rubbish near Cala Llamp. | Michels


When Elisabeth Ceulen and her husband from Holland bought a holiday home in Majorca they did not expect to have to end up having to do the local council’s work for them.

Elisabeth Ceulen and her family have owned a property between Puerto Andratx and Cala Llamp for the past five years and she told the Bulletin that certain areas around her property have always been used for fly tipping, but this year it is worse than ever.

“We didn’t move to Majorca to live on top of a tip,” she said.

So, this year, her family and other local home owners and friends have been out cleaning up all the rubbish themselves.
“I was out for just an hour the other day and we collected six large bags of rubbish. Trouble is, rubbish attracts more rubbish and as people see these illegal tips, more and more waste is being dumped around our homes,” she explained.

“It is as if I have to drive through a garbage dump every time I want to reach my house and that is why we decided to take action ourselves this year. The mountains of trash on both sides of the streets were amazing, especially Carrer Orada. Two spots are teeming with plastic bottles, bags, cans and wine bottles. Lots of this waste has been lying there for years and years and as such attracts even more waste."

“How is it possible that such a rich place like Puerto Andratx can’t afford or can’t get things organised and have this street cleaned?” Elisabeth complained.

She explained that she is very much aware of environmental problems, not just here but around the world in general and doesn’t want to complain too much. She would rather take  action herself.