Archive photo of the Ecology Fair that has taken place since 2007.


The fiestas in Can Picafort are not just important in the north of Majorca, they are one of the island's most popular summer events. An aspect of the fiestas since 2007 has been the Ecology Fair. It came about largely through the efforts of councillor Nofre Plomer of the Can Picafort Unit. He is upset that there will be no fair this year, attributing this to a failure of management on behalf of the new administration in Santa Margalida.

Mayor Martí Torres (Partido Popular) says that there has been insufficient time to organise such a "worthy" event. However, it comes on the back of protests in Son Serra de Marina at an apparent failure by the town hall to organise its fiestas adequately.

One imagines that when it comes to the La Beata celebrations in the town itself at the end of this month and into September, the administration will have had sufficient time.