Abandoned dog at Son Reus. | MIQUEL BORRAS -


The animal protection centre in Son Reus has experienced, as every year, an increase in the number of animals it admits during the summer.

277 were taken in during July, a significantly greater number than, for example, the 167 of February.
The town hall in Palma, which now has a deputy mayor with specific responsibility for animal welfare, says that the average intake in July and August is normally between 280 and 300 animals a month, compared with an average of 170 to 200 in autumn and winter months.

Of the animals which arrive at Son Reus, some are chipped, some have no identification and others are taken there by owners.

News from Son Reus is said to be very encouraging in one respect, and this is the fact that in July no dogs had to be put down, something which reflects the efforts of staff and volunteers at the centre.