Ibiza, like Majorca, attracting the tourists. | D. Espinosa


Over 6.5 million foreign tourists arrived in the Balearics between January and July, according to the Frontur survey by the national ministry of tourism. The exact figure was 6,526,218, an increase of almost 4%, and one that placed the Balearics third among regions of Spain receiving the most tourists (17.2% of the country's total). Catalonia, with 9.7 million, was well ahead, and the Canaries were fractionally in front of the Balearics. Lower numbers were for Andalusia (5.1 million) and Valencia (3.6 million).

In July alone, the islands admitted 2,130,467 foreign tourists, a number that was up by 3% and which represented over 24% of all foreign tourism coming into Spain. Markets which showed growth in their numbers included the UK, France, the Netherlands and Belgium, though German tourism was down.