Average occupancy close to 90% in July. | Sergio G. Canizares


The average hotel occupancy rate in July across the Balearics was 89.2%, the highest among all the regions of Spain. During the month, the Balearics islands received 1.56 million travellers, of whom 89% were foreign. These overseas tourists accounted for 93% of all overnight stays (9.3 million in total), which in turn represented almost 36% of all overnight stays in Spain. Majorca had 7.4 million of these overnight stays, with the average length of stay having been 6.45 days. Of the main tourism municipalities, Llucmajor registered the highest level of occupancy by hotel place (95.4%).

Behind the Balearics in terms of overnight stays by foreign tourists were Catalonia (21.3%), the Canaries (19.2%) and Andalusia (10.6%). By contrast, the islands were well behind when it came to Spanish tourists. The percentage was only 5.5% for the Balearics, compared with Andalusia (almost 25%), Valencia (15.2%) and the Canaries (7.1%).