Monique Tennant: The family is upset by the way things are being handled.


The sister of Jacqueline Tennant, who went missing nearly eight years ago while hiking in the north of the island, is upset with how the suspected discovery of Jaqcueline’s remains is being treated. Monique Tennant has told the Bulletin that, until the family receives the completed report of the full autopsy, no comment will be made to the press.

However, leaks of results of the preliminary autopsy to the media in Majorca have upset the family, and Monique has issued a plea for everyone involved to respect the family’s pain and wait until the forensics and the police have completed their investigation.

"I agree, things do point towards the remains found being those of Jacqueline. But, she still has family, nieces and nephews who are reading and being informed of things which none of us have been officially told by the Guardia Civil nor the Foreign Office. Where’s this information about a cracked skull, broken hip and leg coming from? We have been told nothing, and to read all this in the press is extremely upsetting and is only serving to increase the pain.

"Not even my translator in Palma can get any information, nor can the Foreign Office. We are still waiting for 100 per cent confirmation and until then, we are not giving up hope. I am angry and extremely upset over the way in which this matter is being handled."