Clive Jackson

In 2009, when British Midland cancelled its daily flight to Palma from Heathrow, it left a lot of extremely angry and frustrated people grounded. Fortunately, one of them was entrepreneur Clive Jackson, who had just bought a second home on the island, having "fallen in love with Majorca after having spent years coming here on holiday".

He was on the last flight BMIflight from Palma to London and, on landing, began talking to a few people and swapping business cards. This was when he first began toying with his vision of creating a private jet share community which would provide people with flights to destinations when and from where they want.

Clive then came and discussed his idea with the Majorca Daily Bulletin, which began to help spread the word that something new and exciting was happening here on the island.

The response from residents in the UK and here in Majorca was encouraging. Clive began organising focus groups in Palma and in London. He had two people working part time on the ground here in the island and leading Majorcan photographer Nando Esteva shooting the very first promotional images at locations such as Puerto Portals or Son Net Hotel. Eventually, Clive sat down with two groups of eight very interested private parties in London and Palma, thrashed out further ideas and Victor was eventually born, with three of the very first investors coming from Majorca.

At the weekend, Victor celebrated its fourth anniversary and, the Sunday Times he is hoping,  will  recognise next month, its success and rate of growth has caught the eye of the industry and the business and travel media across the world. The paper will be naming Victor as one of its top Tech Track 100 fastest-growing companies, while Management Today has said of Victor that "Britain’s ‘Uber for private jets’ is taking flight" and indeed it is.