Antoni Noguera, Palma’s deputy mayor, says that the current town hall administration has had its first contact with Endesa regarding the future of the Gesa building. The legal situation in respect of the building hasn’t changed, but Noguera doesn’t believe that this should put a brake on its rehabilitation.

He made his comments prior to a meeting of members of the town hall’s governing committee to share information as to work that has been done during the more or less first one hundred days of the administration and to assess objectives.

Mayor José Hila said that the administration was progressing adequately but that this was for the public to decide. Hila identified specific activity such as the creation of the anti-evictions office, greater efforts in street cleaning, the hiring of the unemployed over the age of 45, improvements to school maintenance and to the image of the police as well as the strengthening of social services. As to the immediate future, he identified the need to close the budget for 2016, to continue the improvement to social services and cleaning and the ensuring of compliance with bylaws.

Noguera, who has as one of his responsibilities, the “model city”, added that a master document for this model will be presented in each district. The objective will be to undertake transformation projects in each district.