Meeting with the Balearic Ports Authority. Joan Gual, second left; Toni Mir, third left.


Relations between Alcudia town hall and the Balearic Ports Authority have been somewhat fraught recently, but with a new president of the authority, Joan Gual, as well as a new town hall administrations, relations seem set to improve. Mayor Toni Mir said of a meeting with Gual yesterday that it was conducted in a friendly spirit.

One contentious issue has been a new dry dock. Opposition from residents and the town hall mean that it will not now be sited where the Bennàssar shipyard is (just past the old pier heading towards the commercial port). Another has to do with the old Gesa swimming pool (further towards the port), which the town hall has used for fourteen years on the understanding that there was no charge to do so. The ports authority has been demanding payment. The hope now is that there will be a special arrangement to formally cede the pool to the town hall.

On other town hall matters, the council meeting on Monday discussed the issue of the part of the beach in Alcanada which is for pets (dogs in other words). This pets beach has been closed, and the former councillor for social welfare, Carme Garcia, wanted to know why. There have been some issues between residents and beachgoers on account of the signage which, it is admitted, was misleading. The new councillor for social welfare, Aguas Santas Lobo, added that documentation for the beach hadn't all been in order but that this is now being rectified. The hope is also that other beaches in the town will be made pet-friendly.