Palmer during today’s presentation. | Joan Torres


The Balearics could be eligible for some of the 78 million euros of funding that the national ministry of industry, energy and tourism is making available for the creation of so-called intelligent islands and cities.

The national government delegate to the Balearics, Teresa Palmer, and the director-general of, Daniel Noguera, have met with local authorities’ representatives and explained that this funding entails 30 million for intelligent islands and 48 million for cities (and towns).

The funding itself is jointly provided by the ministry and European regional development funds. Initiatives under this scheme seek improvements to public services that offset the negative impact of insularity through information and communications technologies.

The maximum amount for any given intelligent island project is ten million euros and registrations requesting funds need to be in place by 1 October.

The cities’ part of the scheme, now in its second phase, has been broadened out to include local authorities with more than 20,000 people (rather than larger authorities, which had been the case). The maximum funding for “cities” is less: eight million.