Photo from the scene near Benidorm earlier this year.


Police reported today that they have arrested a man suspected of shooting dead a British former Olympic diver and his wife at their home in a little village near Benidorm on 29 March. David Tarsey and his wife Jean, both 77, were found in each other’s arms on their sofa after each was killed with a single bullet to the head. The killer then covered their bodies with a green raincoat and fled.

A man, believed to be a Moroccan neighbour of the Tarseys, was arrested yesterday over the double murder of the couple, whose two sons, Sascha and Alexei used to run one of Majorca’s most popular restaurants - Farbrica 23 in Santa Catalina. What is more, their parents had put their property on the market for 230,000 euros because they had intended to sell up in order to join Sascha and his Spanish wife and see more of Alexei, who is a head chef on super yachts, here in Majorca.

It is understood that police recovered a gun from the suspect’s home. He has not yet been charged with any offence but is expected to appear in court at a behind-closed-doors hearing over the weekend.

The Tarseys were found dead at 4.15pm on 29 March at their house in Xalo on the Costa Blanca. At the time police said they had been dead for several days. The couple’s dog Domino was barking when two friends arrived at the detached country home and made the gruesome discovery.

David, who used his middle name rather than his first name Peter, met Jean when they were 13 at a diving club and they became childhood sweethearts before marrying in 1960. The former engineer competed in the 1956 Melbourne Olympics, coming 16th in the springboard and 14th in the platform event. He also took part in the 1954 and 1958 Commonwealth Games.

The day they were found, the Tarseys were due to have met friends Ann and Eduardo Juan for Sunday lunch. The couple raised the alarm after going to the house when David and Jean failed to show up. David had been shot with a pistol in the back of the neck while Jean was shot in the face, apparently with a sawn off shotgun. They had lived there for 22 years.