Rodríguez making his address by the Santa Ponsa Cross. | Pere Bota


The mayor of Calvia, Alfonso Rodríguez, took the occasion of official commemorative acts to mark the Santa Ponsa fiestas of Rei En Jaume to make a particularly political speech. He said that Calvia needed to have a common project created for everyone and drew attention to the sufferings and difficulties faced by sectors of the community such as families with few resources. He spoke of the need for Calvia to reclaim responsibilities for educational and social care, for it to have greater economic autonomy and for it not lose control of urban planning. He referred to the need to lengthen the hotel season, to embark upon a "second tourism reconversion", to regulate all-inclusives and to conserve the environment. He also thanked the local police for its work, a year after "turbulent times".  

Rodríguez also offered a personal perspective, recalling the first time he had arrived in Calvia in 1984. He was someone from Calvia but born in Aragon who had taken Calvia into his heart and made it his own land.