Mayor Torres (left) and Joan Monjo. | Antoni Pol

The administration at Santa Margalida town hall, now a mix of the Partido Popular and Convergencia (like the old Unió Mallorquina), has angered the Suma leftist grouping of former mayor Toni Reus by revoking the declaration that had been made against bullfighting: Santa Margalida had added its name to other town halls which have declared themselves to be anti-bullfighting and in favour of its abolition in the Balearics.

Joan Monjo of the Convergencia, who will become mayor in two years time under the pact with the PP, headed by the current mayor, Martí Torres, said that the town was now "not in favour of anything nor against anything". He added that his party had previously abstained on the issue in order "not to make trouble for the governing team" (of which he had been a part).

Suma is not just angered. It is questioning the legal validity of the procedure to revoke the declaration.