One of the new virtual assistants at Palma airport.


Clocking on this morning at Palma’s Son San Joan airport were the very latest Tensator Virtual Assistant Ultras, virtual assistants to help ease pressure in the terminal.

The Tensator Virtual Assistant Ultra is a next-generation digital signage solution that is designed to enhance both the customer experience and the company brand. It uses cutting-edge technology to project an image and create the illusion of a real person, acting as an interactive informational and instructional tool for space owners.

The ministry for development has announced that a virtual assistant is going to be operating at all of the filters through the security checks  at Palma airport. The idea is that the virtual assistants, which speak four languages - Castilian, Catalan, English and German - will be on hand to inform passengers of the procedures as they go through the security controls. The aim is to ensure that passengers are properly informed of what measures they have to take so that they are ready to be checked on arrival at the check points and to also quicken the flow of people through the security filters.

The ministry said that the virtual assistants have been created using the very latest technology in the field and are similar to those already in use at a number of large international airports such as Heathrow, Dubai and Frankfurt. Here, inside Palma airport, the virtual assistants will be located just before the automatic boarding pass readers, the very entrance to the security filters, which means that passengers will be attended to as soon as they begin the security control process.

The virtual assistants are fitted with movement detectors which means that they will only transmit the messages of assistance if passengers are detected. This latest initiative at Son San Airport is part of 150 measures which form part of the airport’s quality control and improvement  plan - Palma de Mallorca 365 - which has been devised to provide the very maximum level of quality services  to passengers in the areas of security, comfort and information.