The Majorca Chamber of Commerce faces the prospect of folding, unless it can get sufficient support from the business community and the regional government to allow it to continue.

Its president, José Luis Roses, accepts that there is a “delicate” situation at institutional level, the government having adopted a policy of silence as regards future strategies for the Majorcan chamber and those in Minorca and Ibiza as well.

Roses says that the chamber needs new lines of activity going forward, but for these it requires support. The organisation is “viable” and capable of developing various types of task and function, but the government needs to adapt regional regulations to those of the state when it comes to the chamber.

At state level, the chamber is defined as a public corporation with the capacity to act as a consultative body for businesses.   Roses, who had contact with the previous minister, Joaquín García, and is now in touch with the minister for commerce and industry, Iago Negueruela, is confident that the future of the chamber will be clarified, especially when the Spanish Chamber of Commerce calls elections in spring next year for the whole country.