The Balearic government wants a flat rate for inter-island flights.

01-08-2015MIQUEL BORRAS - UH

The regional government has been waiting two months for a meeting with the national minister for development, Ana Pastor, in order to discuss the introduction of a 30 euro flat-rate tariff for inter-island flights and also the possibility of collecting the tourist tax at ports and airports.

The director-general of ports and airports, Xavier Ramis, says that a meeting is wanted in order that the regional government can clarify its position and point to benefits from the flat-rate tariff. “We want a new arrangement that will improve air connectivity and reduce the cost of flights that are regulated as being public service obligation.”

The government wrote to the ministry in the middle of August and requested the meeting, but since then there have only been a couple of telephone conversations. The ministry has expressed its interest in discussing the proposals but has not given any indication as to a date.

A key issue is that the state budgets for 2016 are being drawn up, and the Balearic tariff would need to be included in these. “The flat rate,“ says Ramis, “is dependent upon central government. Hence, the lack of any movement on the issue is not beneficial, albeit that if the ministry was in favour, it could include it as a budget amendment before 31 December”.


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Mike Lammers / Hace over 6 years

Maybe I am one of the rare who is in favour of the tourist tax under certain conditions . What I expect being a regular Mallorca visitor (more or less 2 months a year as I still work... ) is that Barcelo presents a 3 to 4 year plann to the public of what will be tackeld with the extra that everyone is aware and showing that it will really be invested in Mallorca's tourist industriy Otherwise you will get endless comments on issues which need to be tackeld all around the island reffering that the income is wrongly or not invested..When I talking of invest in Mallorca's tourist industry I certainly do not mean allowing f e the Hilton Group to build a huge hotel in the middle of a mountain area looking as a fake Mallorcan village , which is happening. and disgraceful


Michaelstokes / Hace over 6 years

It's because they are still working out how much they can pocket