Though Endesa had seemed reluctant to admit it, the sale of the Poblat GESA in Alcanada has been on the cards for years. This urbanisation, built in 1957 to house workers at the old power station by Alcudia's commercial part, has been left to deteriorate for years, and the lack of maintenance became evident before - in 2000 - Endesa sought to remove all the occupants (who have only ever been tenants).

Three still live there legally, and agreement has now finally been reached with them. As for the squatters who started moving in some ten years ago, they haven't been part of the discussions. They are expected to now move out though.

The land has been put up for sale at a price of 3.1 million euros. Attempts to keep the urbanisation of 29 cottages as an example of industrial heritage housing would now seem to have come to nothing. In the state that the urbanisation has been allowed to fall into, sale and re-development are probably for the best.