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Per capita income in the Balearics has fallen by 10% in ten years, a situation “that must be reversed,” and this is an objective of IBClusters, says its president, Jaume Monserrat. This is a strategic, non-profit organisation which brings together six innovation clusters on the islands, the Majorca Chamber of Commerce and the University of the Balearic Islands.

The main objective of IBClusters, formed by some 200 businesses, is to consolidate efforts in the Balearics and create bases from which businesses can develop new products and services with high added value. Similar bodies to IBClusters exist in regions such as Catalonia and the Basque Country, and they have a bureau in Brussels in order that businesses within them can take advantage of any European aid.

At a conference at the Chamber of Commerce, which was attended by President Armengol, who made the closing presentation, participants were able to learn about creative and collaborative business models in the Balearics for finding market niches, targeting customers, solving problems and innovating, over and above just through technology.

Under the title of “Innovation, Collaboration and Creativity: from school to the business,” they heard from Rafa Giménez, in charge of design and innovation at the Escola Global, about alternatives to conventional education, and from Miquel Brunet, composer and producer at Ona Edicions Musicals, Juan Velasco, the director of Especias Crespí, and Oliver Schulbaum, co-founder of, on the impact and sustainability of social innovation through information and communications technologies.