On Wednesday, 2 December, two hundred stalls will open for Palma’s Christmas market and will spread from the Plaça Espanya to La Rambla and to the Plaça Major. All sorts of products will be available, such as craft-made items for nativity scenes - these will be available only in the Plaça Major - in stalls that have been put up by a contracted company and not by traders themselves. An original tender for the stalls was declared void because the company which had won the award had not, according to Palma’s consumer councillor, Antónia Martín, met “the necessary legal requirements". Following this, there was concern that there wouldn’t be sufficient time to launch a new contest, meaning that traders would be left to foot the cost of putting up stalls themselves. However, the town hall was able to put in place an “express” tender process, complying with legal requirements and established terms and conditions.

A new company was, therefore, chosen to put up the stalls, which are all of two and a half metres. Martín says that the town hall was able to respond swiftly to a problem which could have harmed traders and especially those who live the whole year from what they take over the festive season. The town hall had made an effort to get things open as soon as possible.
“For the traders, each day is important,” Martín notes, adding that the Christmas market plays a role in boosting an economy through an approach that is, nonetheless, not “consumerist”.

The stalls will remain in place until 7 January. Seventy will be in the Plaça Espanya, 70 more in the Plaça Major, and 60 will be in La Rambla.