The size of the region’s fleet of car hires could be capped.

23-06-2015Gemma Andreu

Parliament’s tourism committee has approved a motion raised by the El Pi party for a study to be made into whether or not to apply a ceiling to the number of hire cars there are in the Balearics. The proposal, presented by Josep Meliá of El Pi, was accepted with the support of PSOE, Més and Podemos, with the Partido Popular and Ciudadanos opposing.

Under this motion, the government would be called on to look at the feasibility of establishing a maximum number of hire cars that can be marketed in the Balearics with criteria of the payment of taxes, such as registration, and of the car-hire agency being established in the Balearics. There would be a further study into the feasibility of a hire car having a tourist card similar to the transport card which ensures that a vehicle belongs to a company. The proposal was initially for these studies to be carried out within three months, but this stipulation was removed to enable for the general motion to be carried (with the exception of the PP and the C’s).

Meliá said that, although some might object to a ceiling, the fact is that “the hotel business, the essence of tourist activity in the Balearics” has a ceiling on the number of places. Alvaro Gijón for the PP responded by observing that the establishment of a ceiling would represent “a great risk (for) an activity that has been shown to be good for the Balearics". He suggested that instead “the ceiling would be put on the market”.

Of other issues considered by the committee, there was unanimous agreement for a PSOE motion in respect of compliance with conditions for inter-island flight public service obligations. This called on the national ministry for development to monitor “systematically and exhaustively” flight cancellations, frequencies, schedules and flight slots and to ensure that airlines honour their commitments.


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Ann Morrison / Hace over 6 years

There won't be the need for so many hire cars when the tourist tax comes in.


James Hooker / Hace over 6 years

What Steve says pretty much covers it. I might add, "when you reach bottom, STOP DIGGING!"


Steve Riches / Hace over 6 years

Another dopey idea not thought through. Let the market decide. Once politicians try to suppress a free market, disaster is usually the result unless there is a pressing social or security need, and car hire is hardly a matter of national security! If you reduce supply then demand will initially increase prices, then tourists (who are the major customer of car hire companies here) will look at their potential costs, then add in the tourist tax, and then go elsewhere.

Are Mallorca's politicians really so stupid as to destroy the island's main source of income? Preposterous.