The committee which is monitoring developments in Magalluf has met at the town hall in Calvia to discuss proposals for improvements to be introduced in 2016 and has come to the conclusion that there needs to be what is called an “associated offer” to go along with the remodelling of the resort. This further offer would be in the form of a public-private initiative and it would include, for example, an action plan for training courses provided by Calvia’s Institute for Training and Employment. 

Otherwise, the commission has taken stock of the 2015 season, noting that it represented a “turning point” because of the efforts of the security forces, businesses and both the previous and current administrations at the town hall. However, there are matters which continue to be of concern, such as the prostitution (and therefore mugging), the activities of PRs, the illegal sale of excursions, the lack of illumination in some streets and security cameras that don’t work. In addition, the association that represents clubs has presented to the commission the need for bylaws in respect of noise pollution and so-called dynamic publicity (flyers being handed out, for instance).

Meanwhile, there is to be an open day some time in the middle of December which is being co-organised by the hoteliers, the regional government and the town hall. Its purpose will be to allow business and residents to get to know more about the ongoing remodelling work and investments in Magalluf. The town hall, in addition, is to set up a Calvia Tourism Forum via which committees can work in more effective fashion in planning improvements.