The Balearics was the region of Spain that registered the highest increase in retail sales in November. With a percentage rise of 9.7%, this placed the islands 5.5 points above the national average of sales growth, while employment (up 3%) was also above the average of 1.8%

The national figure of 4.2% was the latest in what have been fifteen consecutive months of growth, though it was slightly down on the 4.8% rise that had been recorded in October. Employment, on the other hand, was up from the 1.3% figure in October, and this was the nineteenth month of consecutive growth.

The closest region to the Balearics in terms of sales growth was the Canaries, where it was 6.9% in November, while Valencia was fractionally behind the Balearics when it came to more jobs having been created: 2.8%.

All types of outlet across the country were turning in increased sales, the smaller chains doing slightly better (4.5%) than larger ones (4.4%). Supermarkets, meanwhile, recorded 3.7% growth. If sales at petrol stations are taken out (and they rose by almost 5%), then the level of increase nationally was 3.7%. Of products, household equipment was most in demand, with a 6.5% increase.