New Year’s Eve produced a normal number of incidents for SEIB 112, the Balearic emergency service, to have to contend with, the most serious of them having been a knife attack in Palma; the victim was taken to the Son Llatzer Hospital just after six in the morning of New Year’s Day.

The emergency service number took 912 calls over New Year’s Eve from 8pm until 8am, of which 68 required attention: 53 in Majorca; seven in Ibiza and eight in Minorca. The greatest number of incidents related to drunkenness - 17 of these in Majorca and 20 in total - and to assaults, of which there were 14 incidents, eleven of them in Majorca. The remainder were for traffic accidents both with and without injury (twelve in all), street fights (nine), domestic disputes (four), rubbish containers on fire (four), disturbances (four) and one for vandalism.

The peak period for emergency calls was between 8pm and 1am, during which time there were 500 calls. For the rest of the twelve-hour period, the number of calls did not surpass 100 in a single hour.