Between July and December, Palma’s mayor, José Hila, had appointments with 137 members of the general public and 121 with various associations and organisations. In all, therefore, he held 258 meetings which were originally planned only for Tuesday mornings but had to also be scheduled for Thursdays  once demand became such that the waiting list was reaching four months. The mayor’s initiative in opening the doors of his office to the people of Palma and to associations has been a success. Demand has, for now, dropped off somewhat, with appointments currently being arranged for mid-February.

Problems with noise and uncleanliness have been the most frequent issues raised among a wide variety that have been brought to the attention of the mayor, who has then passed on the information to relevant departments at the town hall and asked them to remedy them. The mayor has previously said that within four years (the period of office of the current administration) Palma will have ceased to be the dirty city it currently is. However, this aim is still some way from becoming a reality.

Other key matters of concern have been to do with public safety and policing. More specific issues raised have included the poor state of particular streets or roads, of a green area or maintenance of a certain facility as well as concerns regarding non-compliance with by-laws. There are also members of the public who don’t have particular concerns but make appointments in order share views with him.

This direct contact does not end with the appointments, as many residents are able to approach him on the streets and ask questions.