The retail trade association Pimeco has announced that December was the best for seven years. Customer traffic and sales both increased, with consumers having shown greater willingness to buy and promotions and price containment having proved to have been incentives. However, the association says that business is not now being helped because of the good weather and the high temperatures in particular.

The best Christmas campaign for years has been followed by lesser business, with consumers not being tempted to buy winter clothing and footwear. The latest Pimeco survey highlights this sudden slowing of the market but, nonetheless, points to the general recovery that has been ongoing over several months.

In emphasising the fact that the Christmas campaign was strong, the survey reveals that 58% of business reported higher sales in December than in 2014, with only 8% saying that sales were down. There was a general improvement over November as well, with 60% of shops having registered increased sales. In terms of business sentiment, the retail trade has given December an overall rating of 6.5, which is the highest over the past seven years and almost one point above the average for the whole of last year. 

Palma’s shops had slightly the better of business in November and December, four per cent more of these having reported higher sales than elsewhere in Majorca.