There were more boats registered in the Balearics last year than anywhere else in Spain, 709 vessels having been registered, a 20.4% increase and over 15% share of the national market. Following the Balearics came Barcelona with 11.4% market share and Madrid, where was a 16% increase to 328 registrations, meaning a 7.1% share of the market.

In all, 4,654 recreational craft were registered in Spain last year, which was an increase of 8.5% of 364 over 2014. Up to July, there had been a 15% increase in registrations, though between August and November there was a slight fall compared with the previous year.

Smaller craft of up to eight metres were the most sought after. They had an 89.5% market share, and there was 8% growth over the twelve months. For boats between twelve and sixteen metres, this proved to be the fastest-growing segment during the year, as there was an increase of 24%. For boats between eight and twelve metres, there was growth of 9.5%, while for the largest category, 16 metres or more, the growth was 14%.

Rental demand also meant that the market was buoyant. 519 charter boats were registered last year, the market having grown by more than 39% and so consolidated gains in 2014, when growth was almost 57%. The smallest boats, up to eight metres, were also the most in demand for the rental market. These had a market share of 88% - 455 boats - and showed a growth of over 44% to the end of the year.

Other than the Balearics, Barcelona and Madrid, Cadiz took 6.4% of the market, closely followed by Malaga, Gerona and Alicante.